Consultation Documents

Thurrock Power is carrying out a consultation under the Planning Act 2008 before making its application for the project. This runs from 16th October to 14th November inclusive. Please respond by the end of this period.

The documents below are those used in the consultation under sections 42 to 49 of the Planning Act 2008

Please note that some of these files may be quite large in size and not suitable for accessing via a mobile phone.

Section 47 Feedback Form -this is the form for feedback (we are also happy to receive emails and letters – see Have Your Say Document)
Have Your Say Document -this summarises the project and its impacts and explains how to give feedback
Statement of Community Consultation -this summarises our approach to consulting the local community
Advert for Public Consultation Exhibitions -this sets out details of the public exhibitions
Section 48 Notice  -notice of proposed application for DCO
Section 47 Consultation Letter -this letter has been sent out to 16,000 dwellings and businesses in the vicinity of the project
Public Consultation Exhibition Boards -these are the boards being used at the public exhibitions

A standalone plan showing the development boundary is provided below (this is the same as the plan in the Have Your Say Document).

Development Boundary Plan

Preliminary Environmental Impact Report

More detail about the project and its potential impacts is included in the Preliminary Environmental Impact Report and Habitats Regulation Assessment reports below.
Contents Page
Glossary Acronyms Units

Volume One

Non Technical Summary

Volume Two

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Project Description
Chapter 3 Alternatives
Chapter 4 Methodology
Chapter 5 Scoping and Consultation

Volume Three

Chapter 6 Landscape and Visual Resources
Chapter 7 Historic Environment
Chapter 8 Land Use Agriculture and Socio-economics
Chapter 9 Ecology
Chapter 10 Traffic and Transport
Chapter 11 Noise and Vibration
Chapter 12 Air Quality
Chapter 13 Human Health
Chapter 14 Climate Change
Chapter 15 Hydrology and Flood Risk
Chapter 16 Geology Hydrogeology and Ground Conditions

Volume Four

Chapter 17 Summary of Inter Related Effects
Chapter 18 Summary of Cumulative Effects
Chapter 19 Summary of Residual Effects

Volume Five

Appendix 2.1 Enhancement Mitigation Monitoring Committments
Appendix 2.2 Code of Construction Practice
Appendix 2.3 Accident and Emergency Management
Appendix 2.3 Accident and Emergency Management
Appendix 4.1 Cumulative Developments and Screening
Appendix 4.2 Transboundary Impacts Screening Note

Volume Six

Appendix 6.1 Addendum to the Assessment of Landscape and Visual Resources
Appendix 7.1 Historic Environment Desk Based Assessment
Appendix 7.2 Geophysical Survey
Appendix 8.1 ALC published data
Appendix 9.1 Ecological Desk Study and Surveys
Appendix 9.2 Outline Ecological Management Plan
Appendix 10.1 Transport Assessment
Appendix 11.1 Baseline Sound Monitoring Report
Appendix 11.2 BS4142 Statements
Appendix 11.3 Construction Noise Assessment Methodology and Results
Appendix 11.4 Operational Noise Assessment Methodology and Results
Appendix 11.5 Standards and Guidance Relevant to Noise and Vibration
Appendix 12.1 Air Quality Impacts on Ecological Receptors
Appendix 12.2 AQ Baseline
Appendix 12.3 Stack Height Determination
Appendix 12.4 Model Inputs and Outputs
Appendix 12.5 Results of Other Scenarios
Appendix 13.1 Health Baseline
Appendix 14.1 GHG Calculations
Appenidx 15.1 Flood Risk Assessment
Appendix 15.2 Flood Zones and Model Data
Appendix 15.3 Surface Water Abstraction Licenses Discharge Consents and Pollution Incidents
Appendix 16.1 Preliminary Risk Assessment

Habitats Regulations

Habitats Regulation Assessment Report